2012 Transition Management Survey

Transition management is an industry that, while often thought of as staid, over the past year has been anything but.

Published in PLANSPONSOR July 2012

Well-known firms have recently experienced problems with their transition management services —some aberrations and some systemic and extremely serious. This survey indicates that all had an impact on how plan sponsors, even those that do not use transition managers, view the industry.

Of the 119 U.S. plan sponsors that responded to the survey, none reported having complete trust in the industry as a whole, but roughly half admitted more transitions than the year before.

Though numerous changes to the survey structure complicate comparisons to the results of previous years, the table above breaks down transitions conducted in 2011, offering a snapshot of the transition management industry as it stands today.


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Responses from 119 U.S. plan sponsors were accepted for the survey, over a period of three weeks ending May 22. PLANSPONSOR and aiCIO would like to extend a special thank you to all those who submitted responses for the survey, as well as those transition managers, plan sponsors and consultants who helped the editorial and survey teams construct the survey. For more information, contact Quinn Keeler at 203-595-3270 or


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While there are not as many providers of portfolio transition management services as there are, say, defined contribution providers, this is an extremely competitive field and the stakes are high. The survey serves two purposes: first, to take the pulse of pensions and other institutional investors which use transition management; and second, to highlight all the providers in the field.