PLANSPONSOR's 2013 TRO Buyer's Guide

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Published in PLANSPONSOR July 2013

As in previous years, the table that follows is designed to give a sense of bundled service offerings currently in place throughout the market. Client counts are presented as a percentage of total clients so as to show the comparative size of bundled plan administration versus the unbundled market. For presentation purposes, the lowest percentage of clients displayed in the table is “<2%.”

To support delivery of bundled service offerings, providers employ a number of strategies to deliver key services. While many services are internally sourced, some providers have elected to outsource select processing and have established relationships with external firms/partners. Overall, service delivery is indicated (when available) with an “I” (capabilities delivered internally/directly by the provider), “P” (capabilities delivered in conjunction with a formal partnership) and/or “E” (capabilities delivered externally from the firm’s “core” offerings).

We also include a number of “service features” for each provider—adding an element of “how” to the “what”—and have highlighted each provider’s ability to deliver integrated services/channels to both participants and plan sponsors. 

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PLANSPONSOR’s Total Retirement Outsourcing (TRO) Buyer’s Guide questionnaire was distributed to full service providers offering bundled administration of defined contribution (DC), defined benefit (DB) and/or deferred compensation plans. The questionnaire, which gathers information on client relationships as well as product and service capabilities, was available throughout April and received 25 total responses. All data are as of December 31, 2012. Although the table that follows summarizes the information gathered for the guide, it contains only a portion of each provider’s responses to the survey. To purchase an Excel spreadsheet containing the full data set of responses from all 25 TRO providers, please contact Michelle Judkins at Cost: $1,500. 


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Time was when a "bundled" solution could not be delivered efficiently or effectively unless all the parts came from the same entity—no more. This bundled concept has, for the last several years, been presented under the banner of Total Retirement Outsourcing, or TRO. The Buyer’s Guide presents the providers of TRO services—which types and sizes of clients they service, and products offered.