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BenefitsMarch 30, 2017

How to Encourage HSA Use

More and more, employers and retirement plan providers are touting HSAs as a way to save for health care costs in retirement, but what is impeding employees from using them more?

Data and ResearchMarch 29, 2017

Investors Don’t Trust Advisers Easily

Younger cohorts are far more likely than their older peers to express hesitation and cynicism about the choices their advisers make on their behalf and are more likely to “wish for advice they can trust,” according to a new survey from Scottrade. 


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ComplianceMarch 28, 2017

High Court Hears Oral Arguments in Church Plan Cases

The bulk of the oral arguments focused on the definition of a church plan set forth in Section 3(33) of ERISA and whether deference should be given to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letters granting church plan status to entities’ plans.

ComplianceMarch 28, 2017

Taxation of Retirement Accounts Is On the Table

One ERISA industry advocate directly engaged with members of Congress says he expects more proposals to emerge from Republicans seeking to “significantly alter our retirement system,” most likely as a part of tax reform.