Employers Say They Will Keep Key ACA Provisions

On the left and right of the political spectrum there is a lot of enthusiasm for protecting certain key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. 

By John Manganaro | May 03, 2017
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New research from Willis Towers Watson suggests that, as Congress continues to consider repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), employers expect to retain some of the law's popular provisions, “even if they are not required to by a new law.”

Survey data provided by the firm shows approximately one-third of employers are “not sure of future plans,” but more employers plan to keep popular provisions than make changes.

“For example, if unlimited lifetime benefits are repealed, employers are more than three-times more likely to keep them in place than they are to reinstitute lifetime dollar limits, at 50% versus 15%, respectively,” Willis Towers Watson reports. “In addition, if contraceptive care at a 100% benefit is repealed, employers are nearly six times more likely to maintain coverage at that level than they are to reduce it, at 59% versus 11%.”

The findings come from the Willis Towers Watson 2017 Emerging Trends in Health Survey, which polled 666 U.S. employers. The survey also found that if the age 26 dependent coverage rule were to be repealed “more than twice the number of employers would keep the eligibility age at 26 than lower it: 48% versus 22%.”

“Employers are more likely to retain some of the popular ACA benefit provisions because of their positive impact on employee engagement and the potential for changes to be viewed negatively in the context of overall rewards," observes Julie Stone, a national health care practice leader at Willis Towers Watson. “As we see an increased focus on employee productivity, employers will be careful about the implications of change, not just from a dollars and cents perspective, but in terms of employee perceptions.”

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