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Pensionmark rolls out new investment reporting tools; American Century enhances One Choice Target-Date Portfolios; Nationwide partners with Hueler for new annuity; and more.

By Javier Simon | July 27, 2017
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Vanguard Launches Global Balanced Funds

Vanguard has expanded its balanced fund lineup with the addition of two actively-managed, globally focused vehicles.

The Global Wellington Fund will seek to provide long-term capital appreciation and moderate current income through a globally diversified portfolio invested in both equities and fixed income securities. It will have approximately 65% of assets invested in equities and 35% of assets invested in fixed income.

The Global Wellesley Income Fund will take a more conservative approach in primary pursuit of a high and sustainable level of current income, along with moderate long-term capital appreciation. Approximately 65% of its portfolio will be allocated to fixed income securities and 35% to equities.

Wellington Management Company LLP (WMC) will serve as the investment adviser to these new funds. 

“The Global Wellington and Global Wellesley Income Funds will offer investors the convenience of a turnkey investment program in a single fund, providing broad diversification among global stocks and bonds,” says Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb. “The funds reflect a thoughtfully constructed mix of domestic and international securities and represent Vanguard’s fundamental, time-tested investment principles—balance, diversification, discipline, low-cost, and a long-term orientation.”

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