SURVEY SAYS: Happy at Work

We recently covered research that explored the factors that contribute to employees being happy at work.

By Rebecca Moore | November 07, 2016
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Are you happy at work, and which factors contribute to you being happy at work?”

Asked, on a scale from 1 to 5, how happy responding readers are at work, 1.6% selected 1 for “not at all happy,” 16.1% selected 2 for “mostly unhappy,” and 11.3% selected 3 for “neither mostly happy nor mostly unhappy.” The majority of responding readers (56.4%) selected 4 for “mostly happy,” and 14.5% selected 5 for “completely happy.”

The top factors respondents say contribute or would contribute to their happiness at work are interest in their work (68.4%), being treated with respect and fairness (61.8%), being shown appreciation for their work (59.2%), getting along with coworkers (44.7%) and being able to help people (43.4%).

Other factors ranked as follows:

  • Opportunities for advancement – 17.1%;
  • A nice office environment – 42.1%;
  • Having a manageable workload – 34.2%;
  • Pride in my company – 34.2%;
  • Great salary – 40.8%;
  • Great benefits – 39.5%; and
  • Other ‘perks’ provided by my employer – 15.8%.

In addition, 15.8% selected “All of the above,” and 32.9% chose “Other.” Among “other” responses were having a great boss, flexibility in work schedules, having the resources and technology to help do the job, not being constantly “on call,” being heard, a better work location, management integrity, less personal sharing by co-workers, and being able to bring pets to the office.

In verbatim comments, readers shared why they are or are not happy at work. One reader thought this was not the best time for this survey: “Open Enrollment time is usually not a good time to ask your Benefits-related readers if they're happy!” Several readers noted that it is up to ourselves to be happy, but Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I make the decision to be happy each morning when I get up and get ready for work. Sometimes, I argue that decision with myself, but I usually win.”

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey!