SURVEY SAYS: One Music Choice

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “If you could listen to ONLY ONE type of music for one full year, which would you choose?”

By Rebecca Moore | October 10, 2016
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I soon realized that the reason so many responding readers chose “other” (37.9%) was that when inputting my answer choices into the survey, “pop” and “rock” ended up on one line. To me “pop” is not “rock” music, and rock music includes today’s rock (not considered hard or metal) as well as rock from the past. That explains why most readers who chose “other” listed classic rock or rock from a certain decade.

Also mentioned in the “other” category was Emo, New Age, Big Band, movie soundtracks, Latin, Americana folk, Barbershop Quartet, Oktoberfest Party Music, Disco, Native American, Celtic and Grunge (which I would categorize as rock).

Among the list provided, Pop received most votes (13.8%), followed by Country (12.4%) and Contemporary Christian (9.7%). Classical came in fourth (8.3%) and Jazz rounded out the top five (5.5%).

Other genres ranked as follows:

  • Opera – 0.69%;
  • R&B – 1.4%;
  • Rap – 0.69%;
  • Blues – 0%;
  • Indie Rock – 2.1%;
  • Hard Rock – 3.4%
  • Metal – 0.69%;
  • Gospel – 1.4%;
  • Reggae – 0%;
  • Dance – 0%;
  • Techno – 0%;
  • Bluegrass – 0.69%;
  • Zydeco – 0%;
  • Dub Step – 0%; and
  • Show Tunes – 1.4%.

Those who left comments expanded on what type of music they liked, which artists and why they liked the type of music they chose. A couple of respondents gave me grief about including Dub Step (which I kind of like, actually). Several included song lyrics in their answers and several opined about how past music was much better than the music now, especially regarding country. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “One of the beauties of music is that there are so many genres to suit so many moods.” 

Thank you for participating in our survey!