SURVEY SAYS: Personal Activities During Work Time

We covered a survey that found employees squander an average of 56 minutes per day, or the equivalent of nearly five hours a week, using their mobile devices for non-work activities in the office.

By Rebecca Moore | July 31, 2017
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “What non-work activities do you engage in during work hours and how much time do you spend doing them?”

First, I have to apologize because I forgot to toggle “allow multiple responses” for the question of what activities people engage in. However, despite that, 40.5% of respondents said they check personal email during work, and 32.4% indicated they make personal calls and/or set up appointments. “Browsing the web” was chosen by 13.5% of responding readers, 8.1% reported they check Facebook or other social media, and 5.4% indicated they do none of the above during work hours.

Nearly half (48.6%) of those responding estimate they spend less than half an hour engaging in non-work activities during work hours, while 40.5% estimated they spend half an hour to an hour, and 10.8% said its one to two hours.

In verbatim responses, many readers expressed they feel entitled to do some personal activities during work-time, especially those who work long hours or don’t take lunch breaks. A couple mentioned they only do such activities during break times, and several mentioned that in today’s world it is hard to separate work and personal lives with so much to do. There were also some who mentioned that taking a break to do some personal activities helped them refresh and be more productive. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I think there are some things you can only take care of during regular business hours. Some types of personal activities during work time just can't be avoided." 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!