SURVEY SAYS: Summer Office Perks

We recently covered a survey which found fewer companies are offering summer perks such as flexible schedules, shorter hours on Fridays and a relaxed dress code.

By Rebecca Moore | May 30, 2017
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Does your company offer perks for the summer months, and which perk would you most value?”

Nearly four in ten (39.6%) of responding readers indicated their company offers no summer perks. More than one-third (35.4%) said their company holds a picnic or other social event. A relaxed dress code was selected by 18.7% of respondents, shorter hours on Fridays was chosen by 14.6%, and flexible work schedules was selected by 12.5%. Fewer readers said their companies offer more ability to work from home during the summer months (6.2%) and free drinks (water, sodas, fruit juices, etc.) (4.2%). “Extra paid day off attached to the 3 summer holidays” was an “other” response.

Asked which summer perk they would MOST value, more than half (57.4%) said shorter hours on Fridays; 17% said flexible work schedules, 10.6% chose more ability to work from home, and 2.1% each selected “a relaxed dress code” and “free drinks.”

“Other responses included, “Vacation time without working more before I leave and after I return!”, “More vacation time,” and “Rule 62”—which I looked up and means “don’t take yourself too seriously.”

In verbatim comments, some lucky readers said they get some of these perks year-round. A couple noted that short staff and workload may make perks harder for employees—especially in the benefits world, one said. One reader suggested bringing pets to work as a perk and another said picnics and social activities would be helpful in winter months when everyone is “stir crazy.” Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I would institute a Happy Hour. No, not that kind, but one in which grumps n' witches served less whine.” 

Thanks to all who participated in the survey!