SURVEY SAYS: Things Forgotten for College

Last week, I revived a SURVEY SAYS we asked back in 2011 that was actually requested by a reader sending a child off to college for the first time.

By Rebecca Moore | September 12, 2016
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I asked NewsDash readers, “What did you, or your child, forgot to bring to college that you, or your child, most regretted leaving behind?”

Out of the list of items I provided, only bike and shower shoes were chosen, each by 9.1% of readers. Most readers chose “other.”

Those responses included:

  • Nothing - both children were very prepared.
  • The majority of my belongings which we had shipped
  • Responsibility
  • extension cords
  • So long ago...don't remember.
  • lamp and a jacket
  • My maturity which did not come until much later and my car!
  • Fear
  • Her big girl pants. She cried like a baby the first month.
  • My son forgot his pillow!
  • His comfy memory foam pillow!
  • My Mom
  • Morals
  • His dignity.
  • Rice cooker
  • Pictures of family
  • Basic medicine - tylenol, cough drops, cold medicine.
  • Desk Lamp

In comments left by some respondents, answers to the first question were explained. Some noted how things on my list weren’t necessary when they went to college— “Cell phone charger made me chuckle. Back in the 90s, only the rich people had those fancy things.” Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “My son was so caught up in the excitement of being on his own and the new adventures that awaited him, he forgot he might actually miss home!” 

Thanks to all who responded to the survey!