SURVEY SAYS: Tooth Fairy Payouts

Reviewing findings from a recent poll, I was shocked to learn that the average amount a child gets for losing a tooth is almost $5.

By Rebecca Moore | March 06, 2017
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Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, ‘How much did you get from the Tooth Fairy when you lost a tooth?” And, “If you’re a parent, how much do/did you give to your children for losing a tooth?”

I first apologize that “From one penny to a dollar,” was left out of the choices for the second question the first half of the day. So, that affects responses.

Asked when they were a child, how much did the Tooth Fairy leave them when they lost a tooth, 5.4% of readers said nothing, 92.7% chose ‘From one penny to a dollar,’ and 1.8% of readers said they received more than a dollar up to three dollars.

For the parents, the majority (73.5%) said they gave their child/children more than a dollar up to three dollars, and 8.8% chose ‘From one penny to one dollar’. ‘Nothing’ and ‘More than five dollars’ were each selected by 2.9% of responding readers, and ‘More than three dollars up to five dollars’ and ‘I give other items besides money’ were each chosen by 5.9% of readers.

In verbatim comments, several readers offered up traditions or requirements for payouts that were interesting. It was also noted that a smaller amount back in the day would buy much more than it would now; hence the reason payouts have gotten bigger. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “We gave a 2 dollar bill, because that is where they come from, the tooth fairy.” 

Thanks to all who participated in the survey!