2016 Third–Party Administrator Buyer’s Guide

Some say that third-party administrator (TPA) services can surpass what most recordkeepers offer to aid with plan design—and that this is broadening the TPA’s use in the retirement industry. Our first annual PLANSPONSOR Third-Party Administrator Survey provides a detailed snapshot of each TPA respondent, revealing, by its numbers, how it compares with peers in the overall market landscape.

Published in PLANSPONSOR August 2016
  1. Acuff & Associates, Inc.
  2. Administrative Retirement Services, Inc.
  3. Advanced Pension Designs, LLC
  4. Aegis Pension Services, Inc.
  5. Alliance Benefit Group
  6. Alliance Benefit Group Southwest, LLC
  7. Altigro Pension Services, Inc.
  8. AMI Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.
  9. Associated Pension Consultants, Inc.
  10. Beacon Benefits, Inc.
  11. Beneco
  12. Benefit Associates
  13. Benefit Plans Plus, LLC
  14. Bodtke & Stewart, CPA
  15. California Pensions
  16. Cash Balance Actuaries, LLC
  17. CBIZ Retirement Plan Services
  18. CDS Administrative Services, LLC
  19. Compass Retirement Consulting Group, Inc.
  20. Correll Co
  21. Creative Benefit Strategies, Inc.
  22. Creative Pension Consultants, Inc.
  23. Crossroads Retirement Solutions
  24. Findley Davies
  25. Hawkins Retirement
  26. Heartland Trust Company
  27. HK Financial Services
  28. July Business Services
  29. Kidder Benefits Consultants, Inc.
  30. Martin, Martin, Randall & Associates, Inc.
  31. National Benefit Services, LLC
  32. National Employee Benefit Services, Inc.
  33. North Fulton Retirement Services, LLC
  34. Northwest Benefit Consultants, Inc.
  35. Nova 401(k) Associates
  36. PAi
  37. PASI
  38. Pension Financial Services, Inc.
  39. Pension Plan Administration, LLC
  40. Pension Plan Consultants LLC
  41. PenSys, Inc.
  42. Polycomp Administrative Services
  43. Professional Capital Services
  44. QRPS, Incorporated
  45. Qualified Pension Services, Inc.
  46. Qualified Plan Consultants, LLC
  47. Qualified Plans LLC
  48. Rehmann Financial
  49., LLC
  50. Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group
  51. Sinclair Insurance Group, Inc.
  52. Spectrum Pension Consultants, Inc.
  53. TCG Administrators
  54. TG Benefits, Inc.
  55. The Benefit Advantage
  56. The Benefit Practice
  57. TRA, Inc.
  58. TSC
  59. Tycor Benefit Administrators, Inc.